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  • Learn the art of authentic communication that will allow you to overcome objections with confidence, build trust and rapport with ease as you enroll prospects into cash paying patients.
  • Discover how to deliver your program for greater compliance, referrals and lasting results so you can transform the health and lives of your clients and the community you serve. 

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In the upcoming months you can expect…

  • Weekly Class will Be in Session with the Team of Practice Impact Professors here to answer your questions, share the latest clinical, business, marketing and personal development learnings so you can amplify your reach, multiply your income and magnify your IMPACT!
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Real Practice Impact Masters Make their mark by  Sharing Their Talent and Service With The World WHILE Getting Paid For It.

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I will never forget how life changing it was for me after 10 years in a mixed insurance/cash practice model where I felt like things were good but not great.  I found myself compromising again and again between what the insurance company would pay and what the client wanted and neither was what they actually needed to get well.

As a result, I was struggling financially, attracting too many of the wrong patients that drained me, working long hours, losing my passion for health and healing by the second and I was feeling like a prisoner to my practice… I decided to make a change… I wanted my joy and passion back WHILE getting paid for sharing my true healing talents.

So I went in search of the solution. I studied top cash pay business models and leaders across all industries and quickly saw the pattern.  I knew what I wanted, so I reverse engineered my vision and created the CASH PAY PRACTICE SYSTEM. As soon as I began implementing this new model into my practice 7 years ago, I went from getting small insurance checks to closing my first $6,500 case in less than 3 weeks .

I finally was able to completely cut the cord and break free from insurance dependance.  I had my first 50K month and was seeing the type of patient that I loved!  Work became joyful again. I was loving seeing the right patient for my skill set that loved the care. They were committed, compliant and got incredible results.

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I know our 12 month Cash Pay Practice Success System Program at $5,000 where we work with you closely for 9 weeks to create your entire marketing, sales, clinical and automation cash pay practice systems followed by 9 months of mentorship coaching to ensure your success can be out of the budget for many practitioners. This is why we are gifting it to you for the next 36 hours for FREE when you become a beta member.

I do KNOW that this program CAN HELP anyone in as little as 90 days that has a desire to grow beyond where they have been in practice.  If you are willing to invest just 90 minutes a week for 9 weeks to watch, act and implement then keep reading… If you are ready to enjoy greater profits, confidence and clarity in your practice than join us for this Cash Pay Practice System Gift that you will get when you enroll for only $126 as a beta mastermind member, this is less than a nice dinner out.

Dr. Alexandra Pedroza

The Fast Track Practice Formula allowed me to open my new practice and begin generating a 35% increase in profit from my old location by using this simple system. I loved every lesson, they were easy to understand and more importantly, I was able to quickly implement everything into my practice for real time results. I recommend Dr. Melissa’s Fast Track Cash Pay Practice System for any natural health or wellness professional ready to grow and increase their success.

Melissa Thiel

I have learned so much from Dr. Melissa and Practice Impact Masters. I have been able to more effectively market my cash pay neurofeedback programs to my community, I have doubled my close rates that has allowed me to start more patients into care.  I feel like the big factor that helped is when I learned how to really deliver a great report of findings.  I have implemented everything, she is a great mentor and has helped my second west location grow rapidly in the same ways.  I highly recommend working with Dr. Melissa and the Practice Impact Master Team. Melissa Thiel

Dr. Steve Rosman

“I have been working with Dr. Melissa for 8 months.  She is the real deal!!  Not only is she a doctor’s doctor whom you respect for her knowledge and professionalism but she is by far, hands down, the most effective and resourceful coach I have worked with in twenty years of practice.  I am endlessly amazed at her mastery of business & marketing in all of the mediums that matter today. Her training has allowed me to effectively scale my virtual practice while securing over 150K in additional revenue opportunities. It is no longer a surprise that she knows just the right ways to help me be the best me I can be.  I have consulted with other “experts” who promise but do not deliver, while charging me thousands of dollars.  Dr. Melissa is the real deal, delivering first class, real results! — Dr. Steve Rosman,

Stop Struggling- Start Succeeding in Creating Your Dream Modern Health Cash Pay Practice.

Say good -bye to being a prisoner to your practice- Put and end to the insurance game- Stop taking what you can get and settling for the wrong type of clients that don’t value the service and results you deliver.

It’s time to Own Your Value and Share Your Talents to Get Paid Your Worth for Transforming the Health and Lives of Your Clients and Community You Serve.

Become a part of the proven CASHPAY PRACTICE PROGRAM where our system = your success.

Get the System that Will Teach You how to Attract, Enroll and Deliver Premium Cash Pay Clinical Programs so You can Enjoy More Time, Money, Freedom and IMPACT!

Learn from Top Coaches, Gain the Structure, Templates and Framework paired with Strategic One on One Coaching and Group Accountability Coaching so You Can  Implement as You Go for Real Time Results!

  • Attract Your Ideal Patient through modern marketing.  Learning how to build a funnel and marketing system that weeds out the tire kickers, attracts your dream client so you can build your loyal tribe.
  • Enroll prospects into cash paying patients with our clinical sales system. Discover how to pre-sell, consult and deliver results that allows you to authentically sell premium cash pay programs with confidence, even if you have never sold a thing.
  • Deliver transformational clinical results with done for you protocols and premium programs. You will learn the must have components that keep patients compliant and engaged.

Thrive as you create the practice and life you love!

The Truth is Before You Hire a Funnel Builder, a Marketing Firm, Bring in Your Next Service Center or Employee, You NEED to have these foundational systems in place.

The Cash Pay Practice System literally drives the entire flow of your Business.

Get Ready to Dig In with Weekly Modules, Coaching and Support so You can Implement for Results Week after Week.

Phase 1: Attract:

Module 1: Setting a Success Mindset: Find Your Value- Claim Your Worth- Uncover limiting beliefs that could keep you limited or stuck from bringing your dream practice to life.

Module 2: Find Your Cash Pay Power– Owning Your Mission Driven Purpose to Bring Your Most Powerful and Profitable Niche to Life. Get ready to discover your power story that will set you apart as a true authentic leader and expert that clients will want to seek out. As you tap into your WHY, you will automatically align with your WHO to then Determine HOW you will BEST Deliver Transformational Results that they Want.

Module 3: Building the Funnel: Create Lead Generators that WOW- Build Opt ins and Landing Pages that Convert, Create Emails that Connect and Nurture and Discover How to be an Instant Expert with Your Own Group as You Build a Loyal Tribe Building Trust as You Engage Your Prospects so they WANT to Become a Cash Paying Client.

Phase 2: Enroll

Module 4: Sell without Selling: Learn foundational NLP coaching concepts and the art of authentic communication so you can engage with prospects to build rapport, overcome objections and confidently connect with one to many.  You will also learn how your funnel pre-sells and the exact sequence of materials that you need from emails to new patient paperwork that will increase the rate of conversions into your practice.

Module 5: Consults that Convert: Learn the Impact Coaching Model that converts prospects into patients.

Module 6: ROF’s that Close: Learn how to deliver your clinical results to address the “WHY” behind Your Prospects Reason to “Buy” your Premium Cash Pay Care Program and how to Enroll them with ease and confidence even if you have never sold a thing.

Phase 3: Deliver

Module 7: Building the Right Premium Cash Pay Program that keeps clients engaged and compliant so they move through your care, getting life changing, transformational results. Gain protocols, patient scheduling guidelines, visit structure and more in this power packed clinical module.

Module 8: Supporting the System for Ongoing Results: Learn how you, your team and support people all need to work together systematically so you can grow, scale and THRIVE in creating the practice and life you love!

Module 9: Make Your Impact- Discover how to scale your practice into the virtual space so you can thrive in creating sustainable results that will give you more Time, Money, Freedom and Impact!

This $5,000 program is our gift to you when you become a beta member of the Practice Impact Mastermind Membership Community.  Save 93% now and enjoy over $6,800 in training, coaching and practice success tools for a one time payment of only $126 for an entire year.

This offer goes away at Midnight est, Monday August 7th, 2017. Take Action Now so You Can Enjoy More Time, Money, Freedom & IMPACT Creating the Practice & Life You Love!

You my friend truly can have the practice and life you love. You can bring your dreams to life and it all starts with fast tracking your results by taking action now.  Creating a real impact, growing beyond where you have been and achieving new levels of joy, meaning, prosperity and freedom are not achieved in a fast sprint. Your vision is waiting and all it takes are small, consistent right actions implemented on a daily basis but you can’t take right action if you don’t know where to start or what to do to get you from where you are at to where you want to be.

Join us for this 36 hour special invitation to enroll in the Beta Practice Impact Mastermind Membership for only $126 and when you do, you will receive my $5,000 gift giving you enrollment in the August 14th Cash Pay Practice System Online Live Training. Get ready to align with your vision, gain clarity and direction so you CAN build the right momentum in the right direction to achieve the results you desire and deserve.  You have true talents and gifts, I want you to share them AND get paid what you are worth for delivering life changing transformational results.  Now is your time, say yes to your dreams, to your joy, to your success and join in the fun so you can fast track your cash pay practice success. Enroll Today.

Yours in Health, Happiness & IMPACT,

Dr. Melissa