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New “The Fast Track Practice Formula” For Doctors, Clinicians, Coaches, and Healthpreneurs is now LIVE .

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I will never forget how life changing it was for me after 10 years in a mixed insurance/cash practice model where I felt like things were good but not great.  I found myself compromising again and again between what the insurance company would pay and what the client wanted and neither was what they actually needed to get well.

As a result, I was struggling financially, attracting too many of the wrong patients that drained me, working long hours, losing my passion for health and healing by the second and I was feeling like a prisoner to my practice… I decided to make a change… I wanted my joy and passion back WHILE getting paid for sharing my true healing talents.

So I went in search of the solution. I studied top cash pay business models and leaders across all industries and quickly saw the pattern.  I knew what I wanted, so I reverse engineered my vision and created the CASH PAY PRACTICE SYSTEM. As soon as I began implementing this new model into my practice 7 years ago, I went from getting small insurance checks to closing my first $6,500 case in less than 3 weeks .

I finally was able to completely cut the cord and break free from insurance dependance.  I had my first 50K month and was seeing the type of patient that I loved!  Work became joyful again. I was loving seeing the right patient for my skill set that loved the care. They were committed, compliant and got incredible results.

From this, I built the complete Cash Pay Practice System and today, I want to share this special access and limited time price to our NEW Essential Fast Track training from this course.

I know our 12 month Cash Pay Practice Success System Program at $15,000 where we work with you closely for 3 months to create your entire marketing, sales, clinical and automation cash pay practice systems followed by 9 months of mentorship coaching to ensure your success is not a fit for everyone.

BUT I do KNOW that our 30 Day Fast Track CAN HELP anyone in as little as 30 days that has a desire to grow beyond where they have been in practice.  If you are willing to invest just 90 minutes a week for 4 weeks to watch, act and implement then keep reading… If you are ready to enjoy greater profits, confidence and clarity in your practice than join us for this 30 day fast track system that we are offering to you for less than a dinner out.

Dr. Alexandra Pedroza

The Fast Track Practice Formula allowed me to open my new practice and begin generating a 35% increase in profit from my old location by using this simple system. I loved every lesson, they were easy to understand and more importantly, I was able to quickly implement everything into my practice for real time results. I recommend Dr. Melissa’s Fast Track Cash Pay Practice System for any natural health or wellness professional ready to grow and increase their success.

Mike Rankin

You are AWESOME at what you do. I have been to many things like this through out my career in sales, and have taught a couple but this course is the real deal.  Since taking this, I know have the confidence and understanding of exactly how to implement new cash pay programs into our cancer center. Thank you.

Dr. Eric Mintz

Just by implementing a few of the teachings from this program, I closed 50% more cash pay programs within the first 2 weeks!

The PRACTICE IMPACT 30 Day FAST TRACK Cash Pay Practice online course will immerse you in the foundational training that will give you a step by step systematic approach to maximize your current revenue centers while identifying the key areas to continue to grow your dream cash pay practice.

In this foundation course, you will learn the must knows that will allow you to get from where you are to where it is you want to BE so you, your practice and the patients you serve can THRIVE!

Course Modules Include:

  • Business Essentials: Finding Your Profit- Decreasing Your Loss- Fast Tracking Your Results
  • Branding and Marketing Must Knows to Gain More of Your Ideal Patient
  • Sales and Cash Practice Systems to Move Prospects into Patients
  • Systems to Automate so You can Deliver Consistent, Transformational Results while Giving You More Time & Efficiency for Greater Freedom, Joy & Abundance!
  • Plus bonus modules and step by step workbook and weekly worksheets so you know what action to take for measurable results.

When you complete this course, you will gain the opportunity to be interviewed and highlighted as one of our Impact Makers on Impact Radio.

Success is waiting for you and it’s easier than you think. Now is your time to gain the clarity and action plan so you can bring your dreams to life. Sign Up Now and get started with the Fast Track 30 Day Program for Practice Success.

Your one time enrollment payment will give you access for the lifetime of the course so you can revisit the teachings anytime your practice needs a boost. In just 4 weeks, with a minimal time investment, you can truly gain the clarity and focus you need to fast track your practice revenue and results. If you are committed to your dream and ready to go from good to great, join the fast track online class now.

You my friend truly can have the practice and life you love. You can bring your dreams to life and it all starts with fast tracking your results by taking action now.  Creating a real impact, growing beyond where you have been and achieving new levels of joy, meaning, prosperity and freedom are not achieved in a fast sprint. Your vision is waiting and all it takes are small, consistent right actions implemented on a daily basis but you can’t take right action if you don’t know where to start or what to do to get you from where you are at to where you want to be.

Join us for the 30 day fast track so you can align with your vision, gain clarity and direction so you CAN build the right momentum in the right direction to achieve the results you desire and deserve.  You have true talents and gifts, I want you to share them AND get paid what you are worth for delivering life changing transformational results.  Now is your time, say yes to your dreams, to your joy, to your success and join in the fun so you can fast track your cash pay practice success.

Yours in Health, Happiness & IMPACT,

Dr. Melissa