Longevity Sponsor Tier 2 Sponsorship Package

$ 5,000.00

Longevity Summit Sponsorship

Join the movement, be a sponsor as together we share the latest in cutting edge age reversal science, and advanced technology paired with ancient wisdom and traditions for modern longevity solutions across the categories of lifespan, healthspan and wellspan.

This virtual event will connect health optimizing longevity experts and enthusiasts alike to engage in the most up to date strategies to uplevel the expression of health and human flourishing to 120 and beyond.

We Invite You to Partner with Us and Change Lives!


Summit Deliverables:

  • List Building Opportunity on Sponsor Page & Speaker Page
  • One FB Live Q&A Session During Summit
  • Promotional Insert in the Longevity Summit Guide to Optimized Living Playbook
  • One Flyer/Brochure In the digital Swag bag
  • Logo and Links throughout summit pages & website
  • Donate something to the summit offer
  • Included in Sponsor Promo video

Post Summit Deliverables:‚Äč

  • One Partner Webinar (with commission split)
  • One Facebook Live


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