Impact Media Training Academy

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Be Seen- Be Heard- Be Sought Out as THE Expert You ARE!

Learn How to Find Media, Get Booked & Deliver with Impact as THE go-to Celebrity Expert

Media is everywhere online and offline, locally, nationally and globally. It is the playing field you need to increase your influence, income and impact yet where do you start and how do you leverage the opportunities so they actually convert into tangible results?  

Dr. Melissa and her team of top media, health and wellness experts, share the must know steps to harness the power of media.

This course is a step by step strategy that will allow you to begin to leverage the power of media to grow your reach and make your impact. You will discover how to find the right media markets for you to generate the results you seek so you can pitch with confidence to get booked and share your message that will grow your business.


This digital self-guided media training course gives you instant access into the key information, templates and resource you need plus over $1,700 in FREE media getting bonuses when you enroll.
Get ready to discover how to:

1. Discover the power of media and how it can rapidly uplevel your income, influence and impact. You will begin creating your strategic media plan identifying how to make media work for you.

2. Become Mediagenic! Unlock your media message that will make you stand out and get booked.

3. Create Your Celebrity Brand. Discover how to be seen as the expert you are to the media and any audience with celebrity positioning for connections that convert.

4. Online, Offline from TV and Radio to Talks and Events, Podcasts, Blogs and more, today media is everywhere, yet not all media is right for you. Discover how to find, target and pitch the media that will deliver the results you want. 

5. Once you know where you want to be featured, understanding how to pitch in a way that validates your expertise while giving the producer what they want and need is an essential skill to be mastered. Access our templates and learn the language to get booked!

6. When the interview is done, you now have a valuable tool that can drive many forms of clients and business to you. Learn how one interview can be used in many different ways to grow your business. 

BONUS: Media is a key tool to rapidly increase your income, influence and impact yet is is only the beginning. Beyond media is knowing how to create the right ecosystem of products, programs and platforms so you can continue to scale and thrive. Get ready to discover how to create greater freedom and automation once you have established yourself as a celebriy expert.  

PLUS… When You Sign Up Today, You Will Receive Over $1,700 in Media Getting Bonuses for FREE

***Done for you email pitch templates ($97 value)

***50 of the top media contacts for the largest health and wellness platforms. ( $97 value)

***Speakers Marketing Calendar to the Top Health Events to Get Booked ( $197 value)

***Media Press Kit Template ( $997 value)

***How to Interview MasterClass ( $97)

***Mediagenenic Message Masterclass ( $197)

***Media Worthy Platforms for Scalable Income, Influence and Impact ( $97)

***Access to our private Impact Celebrity Media Training Tribe ( $297)


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