Stop trying to do it all and focus on doing more of what you LOVE!

We offer the leading clinical wellness and lifestyle done for you programs and content solutions. Our ebooks, client guides, lead magnets, email campaigns, social media posts and in office marketing materials give you everything you need at your fingertips to offer in office, group, online or totally virtual programs.

If you are ready to grow your practice virtually for more cash revenue and greater time freedom, then you need our done for you clinical wellness and lifestyle programs. Let’s face it, creating content, writing e-books and client guides, designing social media and in office marketing plus knowing exactly how to role the program out can be a daunting task, especially while you are still busy providing excellent care to your clients. Every online health and wellness expert has a team of copy-writers, designers, editors, researchers and more so how are you supposed to compete? 

Our team is here to help!  Practice Impact Masters offers done for you 28 day programs, a lifestyle app and clinical dashboard, social marketing and online training so you know exactly how to leverage our turn-key solutions for maximum revenue, reach and IMPACT!

Add immediate value to any care plan, therapy or service you currently offer in your practice with the 28 day cleanse.  This program is scientifically researched, safe and effective. It is an extended elimination diet that focuses on restoring and enhancing gut, immune, hormone and cardio metabolic health.

This Turn Key Program Includes:

  • The 28 Day Cleanse client guide complete with over 50 delicious recipes and foods allowed list.
  • The cleanse at a glance guide.
  • Healthy Home Cleanse guide.
  • Healthy Shopping Made Easy guide book.


  • In office marketing materials.
  • Email campaign to reach out to all of your clients- even those you haven’t seen in a while.
  • 28 days of social media posts.
  • 4 part business building online training for you and your team.
  • Suggested 4 week program outline and pricing.
  • Wholesale (no mark up) top grade NuMedia products in our branded program kit.
  • Availability to printing of the guide books and posters at wholesale cost for in office distribution.

It’s great to offer in office as a group program, as a one on one add on feature to any current care plan but if you are ready to scale virtually, then this is the perfect program to offer through your website store.

It’ simple to get started. There is a one time licensing fee and the content is your’s to use. Many of our providers license the program and then choose to add on the monthly app and clinical dashboard feature for increased client engagement, accountability, added support and increased revenue opportunities.