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Are you ready to grow beyond where you have been, to be supported, inspired and engaged with the resources, tools & trainings that will allow you to be accountable to your vision so you can succeed in creating a thriving modern cash pay health practice? If so keep reading…

This Mastermind Community & Training Academy was designed with YOU, my fellow health warrior, change maker and impact master in mind. Lets face it, the modern healthcare space is changing rapidly. Whether you are just starting in practice or have been out transforming lives for more than 20 years, the need is greater now more than ever for you and I to come together.

To transform the health and lives of our clients and communities takes dedication, passion, mission and support. Together we can BE the change we wish to see… Together we can hold the vision to make a new health and healing reality possible. You were not meant to go it alone- join the tribe, get engaged, be supported, make your IMPACT! 

Inside of the Mastermind Community, you will gain the clarity and resources you need to bring your dream cash pay practice to life. Get ready to connect, engage and collaborate with todays health leaders so you can discover how to get more Time, Money, Flexibility, Joy and Freedom while Giving the Patient more of what they want too. Scale into the virtual space with confidence, Grow with proven clinical wellness protocols, systems and strategies, Collaborate with Leading Experts, Learn how to Brand & Market your practice both On and Offline so that You can Gain a Steady Stream of Your Ideal Patients.

Your community of positive, like-minds is right here waiting for you… The Practice IMPACT Mastermind Community and Training Academy is Your Support Center so You Can Create the Practice & Life You Love!

Reimagine Your Practice- Redesign Your Life- Make Your IMPACT 



How do I build a PRACTICE & LIFE THAT I LOVE? One that has profound meaning, abundance and radiant joy? That’s the question that’s brought most of us here.

Over the years, we’ve developed and brought together a world-class team to bring you programs, trainings and experiences designed to help you do everything from launch, build and scale a mission-driven health practice to grow your authentic and successful career that reflects and nourishes your joy filled life. It’s about supporting you in WHOLENESS, as one health-preneur to another, we share proven systems and best practices so you can THRIVE in creating the practice & life you love grounded in ease.


At the heart of this mastermind community is our training academy that gives you the systems, tools, and practice solutions you need to succeed.  Get Ready to Dive into…













Gain Immediate Access to the Training, Support and Coaching You Need to Succeed!

This and Much More Is Available All in One Spot so You Can Build, Grow and THRIVE in Creating the Practice and Life You Love!

What YOU Can Expect

Collaborate- Learn- Grow & THRIVE as You Engage with the Coaching, Resources, Trainings & Tools You need to Succeed in the Creating Your Dream Cash Pay Modern Health Practice.

The Practice Impact Mastermind & Training Academy is the only training community of it’s kind. Consider this your toolkit to teach, support and guide empowered health practitioners the step-by-step strategies that are working right now to build, grow & scale a THRIVING cash pay modern health practice.

  • Learn Proven Business Systems that will Drive the Outcomes Your Practice Needs to Save Time and Increase your Revenue by more than 30% in as little as 30 days.
  • Engage in the most Up-to Date Modern Marketing so You Can Confidently Succeed both On and Offline.
  • Tap into the true power of Value Based Branding for massive Impact and Business Growth.
  • Mastermind with top industry leaders on our monthly group calls.
  • Learn How to Leverage Social Media and Modern Marketing to Gain a Steady Stream of Your Ideal Client.
  • Discover How to Create Marketing Funnels complete with lead magnets, webinars, videos and more that allow for constant lead flow into your practice. 
  • Be supported with our weekly Q&A office hours call in sessions.
  • Up-Level your brand value strategy so you can get noticed-be memorable and make an Impact as THE go-to doc in your community.
  • Learn how to pitch the media and get airtime from leading PR, producers and nationally recognized on camera experts.
  • Discover how to weed out the tire kickers through our proven patient pre-education process so you can enroll engaged and eager patients committed to change into your care.
  • Streamline your patient education & engagement process with 5 simple solutions that save time, increase revenue and boost patient compliance for greater results.
  • Master video to amplify your reach, share your expertise, build trust and gain quality patients into your practice.
  • Scale into the virtual space with membership platforms, e-commerce, webinars, programs and more!
  • Learn how to create strategic partnerships that fill your practice.
  • Dominate the internet with our step-by-step blueprint that takes you from websites, SEO, autoresponders and email marketing to getting social and the role of video for strategic growth.
  • Build teams that make a lasting positive impact in your practice, your patients lives and the community you serve.
  • Implementation plans to scale from brick and mortar to virtual so you can automate your success for greater reach, relevance and Impact!
  • PLUS a BIG Social Media Bonus is Yours as Our Gift When You Enroll for Your First Year!!!



4 Times a year fellow impact makers gather to expand their thinking, invigorate their purpose and implement their plan so they stay engaged, supported and accountable in BEing the change in creating the practice and life they love.



When You Enroll, You will Get a FREE BONUS GIFT for Your First Year of Done for You Social Media Posting on 3 Social Sites, up to 7 posts a week. This gift is valued at $2,499 that we are gifting to you as our way of saying thank you for investing in your growth. We are committed to your success!

After enrolling you will also Gain Immediate Access to the Practice Impact Mastermind Training Academy.  

Instant Access to the Practice Impact Academy to Include:

  • All Access Pass to Practice Impact 30 Day Fast Track, Impact Branding, Marketing and Media plus Functional Health Clinical Modules from Functional Blood Chemistry to Metabolic Code.  
  • Additional training of more than 50 power packed modules focused on patient education, practice success systems, membership models, virtual practices, automation, social media, advertising, sales systems, personal development and more.
  • Done for You templates, PowerPoints, protocols, practice and patient education tools.
  • Marketing Solutions Rolodex for SEO, Social Posting, Blogging, Websites, Ad Buys, Video and more.
  • Monthly Group Mastermind Calls
  • Exclusive Podcasts and interviews from leading experts in the fields of marketing, business, branding, media, personal/professional growth and health from thought leaders and recognized experts that are achieving massive success in enjoying the business and life they love.
  • Weekly Office Hours for Q&A.
  • Step- by-Step Whiteboard Strategy Videos for Quick Implementation for massive success!
  • Private Facebook Community for Peer to Peer support & accountability with Dr. Melissa and the entire Practice Impact Masters team because you weren’t meant to go it alone.

Success leaves clues and now is your time to learn, grow, and THRIVE in building the practice and life you love. You Are Invited to Jump in and BE a part of a group of like minds with big hearts that have a massive vision to make a lasting impact.  

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When You Enroll Now- You Will Also Get One Year of Our Social Media Solutions Automated Social Posts on 3 Sites with up to 7 Posts a Week for FREE!

This gift is valued at $2,499 and is a limited time bonus gift from our team to you. Consider it our way of supporting your success to together we can BE the Change in Making a Massive Collective IMPACT!

Total Mastermind Program Cost Valued at: $13,973

Enroll Now for Only *$497 / Month!

*12-month minimum membership

Save over $8000!

Invest in Your SUCCESS

PLUS When Your Enroll NOW- You Will Receive Our FREE Bonus Gift Included In Your Membership of 1 Year of Social Media Solutions Automated Posting on 3 Social Sites up to 7 times a week. This gift is valued at $2,499 and is yours FREE when You Enroll Today. 

Enroll Now for Only *$497 / Month!

*12-month minimum membership

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You Deserve to have a life that you love as much as your career.  It’s time for you to stay engaged and energized so you can achieve strategic results that give you more of what you want and deserve!  More Time… More Freedom… More Abundance… More IMPACT… Greater Results

Success leaves clues… Now You Get to put an end to overwhelm and burnout.. Now you Get to Tap into an endless supply of support, enthusiasm and systems for success so you can connect, learn, grow and THRIVE.

You Are Invited to Jump in and BE a part of a group of like minds with big hearts that have a massive vision to make a lasting impact. Is this you?

Join the Movement- Make an IMPACT– Create the Practice & Life You Love

Enrollment is easy for only $497 a month you can access the academy, team calls, plus social media done for you support so you can learn, engage and grow as you go.  

We believe in delivering immense value and support to you and believe in our community that is why we offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after engaging in the mastermind, doing the modules and worksheets, you are unhappy for any reason, we will end your membership with no additional fees. We only ask that you take the time to put your investment to work, to allow yourself to immerse in the training and support so you CAN succeed. We are here to serve and support you so you can continue to make an impact and THRIVE!

I Want to Create the Practice & Life I Love!

I have coached with Dr. Melissa and gone through several of her impact programs over the past 5 years. She has been such an incredible mentor that has allowed me to truly make an impact.

When I came out of school I didn’t know how to open a practice. Dr. Melissa’s programs and coaching has taught me how. I have been able to take all that I have learned, and apply it to successfully opening and growing my integrative Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Wellness Center. I have been able to create a strong brand and gain the systems that I needed to sell my cash services, build a profitable membership program AND I have even created a strong brand partnership with the Ritz Carlton.  I could not have done all of this without Dr. Melissa’s support and help.  

She truly helps doctors make a greater impact and she can help you too!

— Dr. Alexandra Pedroza, DC

“I have been working with Dr. Melissa for almost two months.  She is the real deal!!  Not only is she a doctor’s doctor whom you respect for her knowledge and professionalism but she is by far, hands down, no-doubt-about-it, the most effective and resourceful coach I have worked with in twenty years of practice.  I am endlessly amazed at her mastery of marketing in all of the media that matter today. It is no longer a surprise that she knows just the right ways to help me be the best me I can be.  My practice reflects my vision for it and not the one-size-fits-all approach of the other “experts” I have wasted thousands upon thousands of dollars and much too much of my time in consultation with others who promise but do not deliver.  Dr. Melissa delivers and it is first class!!” 

— Dr. Steve Rosman,

“I am so happy and grateful for Dr. Melissa G Petersen and her trail-blazing business coaching and mentorship.  She is literally and sort of resembles “Wonder Woman” to me, seriously!  She has some sort of business coaching super powers and can multitask like none other!  She also has the ability to make lemons into lemonade. A skill that not many have!

When I sought out Dr. Melissa for coaching, I had gone through a big transition from one of the largest integrative functional medicine practices, into my own private practice. One of the biggest things we worked on, was helping me focus on where my passion truly is and what is actually generating the most profit for me as I do both Chiropractic and Nutrition.  She reminded me, don’t try and be all things for people, she said be what you are best at and where your passion lies the most, and then find the support you need to fill in the gaps.   She got me to see where my strengths are and to use my incredible Network of healers to get referrals.  

Since doing this my passion and profit has increased. In fact, December was my best month yet with more than a 40% increase in revenue.
This has been awesome as it frees up more time for myself and my family.”  

— Dr. Melissa Arnold

I have been working with Dr Melissa for the past year on my practice and have noticed huge improvements in my ability to communicate and effectively market my neurofeedback services. She made a few tweaks to my PowerPoint and immediately I was able to attract and close 20-30% more perspective patients into my office. Especially with her being a mom she really “gets” what my ideal patients are thinking and feeling – you can’t put a price on that kind of service. Her ability to help you see your “blind spots” and coach you will make a dramatic impact on your practice and life. I highly recommend Dr Melissa and her services!

— Dr. Eric Mintz, DC Synergy Chiropractic

My name is Alane Palmer, ND, CNC. I am a naturopath and certified nutritionist in Atlanta, Ga. I have been blessed to know Dr Melissa Peterson for almost a year now. I hired her pretty much immediately after meeting her at a functional medicine class as everything she said made sense to me. Over the year of working with Dr Melissa I have grown as a clinician and a person. Her guidance has been remarkable. She is wonderful at what she does and is sincere in her desire to help others succeed.

You Should Join the Academy IF…

  • You are a Doctor, Coach &/or Health Innovator that wants to work smarter NOT harder to make a massive positive impact in your practice, your patients lives and the community you serve while living the life you love.
  • You Want to Grow Beyond Where You Have Been and Go from Good to GREAT so You Can Share Your Talents and Gifts with those that Need You Most.
  • You want direction, clarity and insight so you can take the direct route to scaling your practice in the best way for more time, freedom and money.
  • You want to leverage your talents and extend your message to reach more people and make a greater impact through marketing and media.
  • You understand the importance of setting yourself and your brand apart so you can stop being a commodity and start being a necessity..
  • You are committed to your growth and are willing to invest in your success.
  • You are coachable and understand growth requires direction, accountability and support.
  • You are offering or want to offer cash pay services, products and programs in your practice.
  • You have a program or service that you confidently believe in and KNOW delivers transformational results.
  • You know the value of being part of a positive group of like minds.. to support and be supported… to share from a pure, positive place ready to inspire and BE inspired to grow, learn and THRIVE in creating the practice and life you love that makes a lasting positive IMPACT!

Joining is as easy. Just Click Enroll Now to Get Started. 

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