Welcome to the Practice IMPACT Fast Track Challenge. Over the next 30 days you will jump into the 4 key areas of your practice and create action plans for each so you can magnify your impact, amplify your reach and multiply your income. Once you understand the opportunities available to you, you will move into the Bonus Fast Track FOCUS modules that will show you exactly how you can increase your revenue & results by more than 30% in as little as 30 days.

To help you stay focused through the course, be sure to download the workbook and worksheets. They will move you through a section at a time by addressing the key elements necessary for your success. You will find information in the workbook on how to contact the team and I with any questions along with the office hours schedule and call in information for this course.

Here’s to you my friend, making your IMPACT!

xx- Dr. M

VIDEO 1: Setting Your Vision

VIDEO 2: Fast Track 30 Day Profit Focus

VIDEO 3: Fast Track Marketing Overview

VIDEO 4: Create Your Marketing Strategy

VIDEO 5: Sales Cycle Overview

VIDEO 7: Automation

BONUS: Patient Experience

BONUS: Ideal Client Avatar

BONUS: Grow Your Practice with Social Media