We are a Community of Change Agents on a Mission to help our fellow Health-preneurs like You Make Your Impact so You can Scale, Grow & THRIVE in creating the practice and life you love.


Is to positively impact the health and lives of more than 10 million people globally through helping YOU, our fellow healthpreneur and impact makers succeed in creating the practice and life you love. We believe by supporting you with the practice tools, training and resources you need to scale, grow and thrive you can make your lasting positive IMPACT in the health and lives of your clients and the communities you serve.

Together we can be the change in bringing about a new paradigm of healthcare. We are committed to helping you access the digital tools and platforms available to connect, share and engage with your clients so you can help more while making your impact doing what you love. We believe in YOU and the difference you are here to make, that is why your success is Our mission.  

Meet Our Team


Hi, friend, I am so glad you are here reading this right now because that means you are ready to discover how to make an impact while creating the practice and life you love!  I am Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC, MS, BCHH and head change agent here at Practice Impact Masters.

I bring 20 years in clinical practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Board Certified in Holistic Health, specializing in Functional Medicine and Healthy Living with over a decade as a sought out Practice Consulting Coach and international clinical and business educator helping doctors create the practice and life they love to this community.

Pair this with my past WWE wrestling career and you get my recipe for helping you get in the ring to discover how to create massive impact in your your community so you CAN create the practice and life you love!

Let’s face it, life is the ring… Everyday is filled with opponents, the challenges and obstacles that can present on any given day with little to no warning. Over time, the more we are confronted with these nasty opponents, the more likely they are to beat us down. I myself was getting beat down in practice and made a decision to get up and fight back.  I decided it was time to learn how to go from Good to GREAT!  

I felt like I was begin taken to the mat day after day and then, I remembered my wrestling days…We had amazing coaches- in fact- every great athlete, business person and leader in the world has not just one but a team of coaches, support and mentors around them so they can succeed. Years ago, I invested in myself and it was the greatest decision I ever made.  It transformed my practice within weeks and my life forever.

This is why I created the Practice Impact Platform- I want to deliver to you ta community of top coaching and practice solutions that align you with your strengths and help you go head to head any day and WIN in creating the practice and life you love!

I want to share my 20+ years of experience and success that has come by way of  working with hundreds of doctors, top brands, media appearances on local and national TV, radio, movies and internet shows.  I have spoken at conferences, run my own seminars and online and offline summits and have owned 5 of my own 6 and 7 figure companies.  I want to pull back the curtain and share everything I know so you can gain immediate access to fast tracking your success. Find out my struggles and how I overcame them to bring my dreams to life and how you can too!

Whatever lies in your heart can be yours to have, you don’t have to struggle- you are allowed to have fun, to be supported, to think bigger, to grow beyond where you have been and make your IMPACT as you bring your dreams to life!


Project IMPACT is all about giving back to our local communities in lasting and positive ways so that together we can all BE the Change in creating a happy and healthier world through sustainable and lasting solutions. A portion of all proceeds generated through Practice Impact Masters fund grants back into communities across the country. To date local schools, farms, food kitchens and programs for our vets have been funded.  Got a group that is making a difference and in need of funding? Contact us to find out how Practice Impact Masters can help.